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Bhagwan ram born in which yuga

Bhagwan Ram, also known as Lord Rama, is one of the most revered deities in Hinduism and is considered to be the seventh avatar of the god Vishnu. According to Hindu tradition, Lord Rama was born during the Treta Yuga, which is the second of the four Yugas (ages or epochs) in Hindu cosmology.

The four Yugas are, in descending order of righteousness and human capability:

1. Satya Yuga (also called Krita Yuga)

2. Treta Yuga

3. Dvapara Yuga

4. Kali Yuga

Lord Rama's life and deeds are primarily described in the ancient Indian epic poem "Ramayana." His story sets an example of dharma (righteousness), bravery, and virtue for Hindus around the world.

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